📖 Dubliners

This collection of 15 stories presents a mosaic of Dublin life at the beginning of the twentieth century. Each of the stories reveals moments of epiphany in the lives of a cast of Dubliners. Linked by place, the collection forms an arc across the various stages of life. In the opening stories, the protagonists are children coming to terms with adult experiences and emotions. The middle stories deal with love, the loss of dreams and the emptiness of lives constrained by social expectations. Dubliners ends with the longest and most well known of the collection - 'The Dead', in which, after an evening out with his wife, Gabriel Conroy has an epiphany about the nature of life and death. More than 100 years since their first publication, these stories reveal enduring insights into human life, passion and emotion, while capturing Dublin and its people at a precise moment in time.

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